24th June 2024

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What is a “bake off” in investment banking?

In the context of investment banking, a “bake off” typically refers to a competitive pitch or presentation process that occurs when a company or organization is looking to hire an investment bank for advisory services, such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory, capital raising, or other financial transactions. During a bake off, multiple investment banks compete against each other by presenting their proposed strategies, expertise, and capabilities to the potential client.

The term “bake off” suggests a cooking competition metaphor, where each investment bank is like a chef presenting their best recipe (strategy) to win the business of the potential client. The client evaluates the presentations, analyses the proposed approaches, and assesses the banks’ track records to determine which bank offers the most compelling and suitable services for their needs.

Bake offs allow potential clients to gain insights into the investment banks’ capabilities, experience, and understanding of the specific transaction or financial objective at hand. Investment banks may present their team’s expertise, deal experience, industry knowledge, and the specific value they can bring to the client’s situation. These presentations are often comprehensive and may involve financial models, strategic analysis, and recommendations tailored to the client’s goals.

Ultimately, the client selects the investment bank that they believe will best serve their needs and help them achieve their financial objectives. The term “bake off” is used to emphasize the competitive nature of the selection process, where investment banks are essentially competing to “win the deal” and secure the client’s business.

How many banks are involved in a “bake off”?

The number of banks involved in a “bake off” can vary depending on the specific circumstances and the preferences of the client. Typically, a bake off involves a select group of investment banks that the client considers to be potential candidates for providing advisory services. This group can range from a few banks to several, but it’s not uncommon to have around three to five banks participating in a bake off.

Having a manageable number of banks allows the client to thoroughly evaluate each bank’s capabilities, expertise, and proposed strategies without being overwhelmed by too many presentations. It also allows for more in-depth interactions and discussions with each bank to better understand how they would approach the client’s needs.

Ultimately, the client’s goal is to identify the bank that aligns best with their objectives and has the strongest potential to deliver the desired results. The competitive nature of the bake off process encourages participating banks to showcase their strengths and differentiate themselves from their competitors.