22nd February 2024

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US Endowments Eyeing Up European Investment Opportunities

By Giorgio Rosati, Sales Director at Quest Fund Placement

In the United States, the university endowments network makes up an incredibly complex ecosystem. Open the Books predicted that Ivy League universities collective endowments would amount to $218bn in 2023, a figure that is estimated to be closer to $320bn today, while also predicting that overall, Ivy League endowments could exceed the $1 trillion mark by 2049. 

Endowments often look to opportunities within the private equity space to find outsized returns, and, until recently, have largely been dominated by US focussed investment strategies and GP’s operating out of the US. 

However, endowments are seriously eyeing up exciting new opportunities within European markets, marking a shift in the investment landscape, with a multitude of factors driving American institutions to expand their portfolios across the Atlantic.

Despite investor sentiment being concerned with economic sanctions, as well as energy and food supply issues, data compiled by Pitchbook shows that a number of the top university endowments including Harvard, Yale, Notre Dame and Pennsylvania are investing and seeking more investment opportunities in Europe.

One key reason they are doing so is effective diversification. Diversification has long been a cornerstone of stable and safe investment strategies, and by spreading investments across different asset classes and regions, investors aim to mitigate risk and optimise returns. As US endowments search for ways to enhance the resilience of their portfolios beyond domestic diversification, they are turning to possibilities in Europe. That said, beyond solely the geography, effective diversification is about locating ‘diamonds in the rough’, the most interesting stories, the correct approach and the best GP’s.

Seeking quality GPs in European private equity offers a fresh canvas of opportunities, allowing endowments to reduce their exposure to domestic risks and ride out market fluctuations with greater stability. By diversifying their holdings across borders, institutions can better weather economic storms and protect their long-term financial health. With the global economy becoming increasingly interconnected, US endowments are quickly recognising the need to look beyond their domestic market for new and promising opportunities.

For US endowments, the possibility of new options within Europe offers a chance for investors to seek something innovative. The continent and the people which operate within it offers a rich tapestry of investment options – its complex web of nations, cultures, and economies provides a fertile breeding ground for a broad spectrum of private equity investments. Ranging from technology startups in the bustling hubs of London and Berlin to renewable energy projects in Scandinavia and traditional manufacturing in Central Europe. 

While European markets offer a stable economic environment characterised by strong regulatory frameworks and a well-established financial system, it’s clear that personalities and opportunities need to shine through, not just the option of a new geography to grab the attention of those who are seeking new investment prospects. 

As socially responsible investing gains momentum, European private equity opportunities align well with the values of many US endowments. A number of key European managers have been trailblazers in adopting ESG principles, making it an ideal hunting ground for investors who prioritise sustainability, ethical business practices, and corporate responsibility. US endowments, driven by their commitment to broader societal goals, see this as an opportunity to seize and make a positive impact while generating significant returns.

With an investment approach pioneered by the legendary David Swensen of Yale, today endowments are among the most relevant thought leaders in alternatives, with a healthy risk appetite and a proven track record of finding alpha both in the US and globally, especially in Europe. Opportunities such as these are particularly relevant in a marketplace where rates are high, borrowing money is more difficult, and investors are seemingly taking less risk. 

At Quest Fund Placement Limited we have an extensive network and track record in Europe, bringing niche European opportunities to different investors. Our sales team actively covers 150 Endowments and Foundations in the US, with monthly in person visits and daily stimulating conversations that for the past 20 years, have led to raising substantial commitments into our funds. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and changed the dynamics of various industries, presenting new investment opportunities. US endowments, keen to capitalise on these changes, are finding receptive ground in Europe. Despite Europe being a burgeoning market for investment from US endowments, there are often an overwhelming array of second-rate opportunities from which to choose from. 

Our new investment platform QuestInvest can help provide endowments with clarity, granting access to only the best curated deals for these markets, as well as connecting LP’s with only the best quality GP’s in the market.

The continued ongoing interest of US endowments in European opportunities reflects a strategic shift toward global diversification. Europe’s position as a stable economic environment, thriving tech ecosystem, and commitment to sustainability make it a truly appealing opportunity for possible investment. 

With QuestInvest, the options and new opportunities for innovative ways to invest have never been more exciting. As this trend continues, both US endowments and the European GPs stand to benefit from the exchange of capital, ideas, and innovation. By embracing the potential of European investments, endowments are positioning themselves for a more resilient and prosperous future.