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The new system has been upgraded, and the comprehensive services will connect with the whole world


Published October 6, 2023

According to the official information of XINDA FINANCIAL, XINDA FINANCIAL, as one of the world’s excellent financial trading and decision-making platforms, now has completed the comprehensive upgrade of its investment system, and has become a global investment platform with its strong strength. Looking to the future, the platform will continue to implement China’s “Belt and Road” strategy, and countries along the active docking, cooperation, innovation more excellent, emerging investment management projects, provide investors with convenient and efficient way of investment, bring members more reliable investment choice, with trust platform realize wealth dream.

Give back to the members and protect their wealth. XINDA FINANCIAL As a representative of the Internet financial industry enterprises, in the process of service market has accumulated rich experience, and dig this experience, innovation launched the latest intelligent funds, management system, built to fully meet the needs of customers before and after the investment process of service platform, opened up a better service investors Internet development path. From beginning to end, the team has continuously integrated the core idea of “customer-centered, benefit for customers” into every stage of the service, becoming the most popular platform for investors, and the customer base continues to grow.

Platform update, service innovation. In order to ensure the stability of customer income and fulfill the responsibility of the financial service platform, XINDA FINANCIAL used the senior investment management platform for research and development and prediction, and officially launched a unique new project. The new project not only follows the innovative service concept, so that every user has a sense of updated experience and more satisfied service. At the same time, it also updates the platform operating system, introducing emerging technologies such as big data, blockchain and Internet of Things to connect user investment data. Customers only need to clearly and transparently view their project profits through the mobile client, and they can observe in real time and adjust their investment strategies in time.

Connect with the whole world and challenge yourself. Economic globalization is the mainstream trend of global economic development. Ten years after China put forward the “Belt and Road” related strategy, many international investment entities have taken the construction of an open world economy and a new platform for international trade and investment as their development goals. XINDA FINANCIAL with a global perspective is no exception. Looking forward to future cooperation and development, XINDA FINANCIAL is committed to setting a new model of international multilateral cooperation, reaching in-depth cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road in infrastructure, trade and environmental protection, and jointly supporting global development initiatives.

To meet the challenges, transformation and upgrading. Economic globalization is an irresistible historical trend, is the inevitable result of economic development and technological progress, to better out, on the international stage, XINDA FINANCIAL will back on the “area” policy advantage, fully integrated into the network, digital wave, through the Internet platform, to start the digital transformation, using financial technology to promote business innovation development, in the marketing, insight, mining, risk prevention, trade sharing, win-win innovation breakthrough, form ability complementary, benefit sharing, to build ecological new market pattern. So that more international investors can easily understand and participate in the quantitative investment strategy of the platform, so as to achieve more investment opportunities in the global commodity market.

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