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The Best Planes To Use

There’s no better time to take to the skies of Los Santos with the vast array of planes available to buy from Elitas Travel and the Warstock Cache and Carry. For some GTA fans, it’s a way to coast through online missions by wreaking havoc on AI enemies.

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For others, it’s a chance to play a more relaxing session from the sometimes hectic online lobbies in GTA Online. Whether it’s gliding at 8,000 feet through the calm skies or turning the game into a flight simulator as you land at Los Santos International in first-person — Rockstar Games has it covered.

Updated on July 17, 2023: While we wait for the official announcement of Grand Theft Auto 6, we are going over our oldest articles of GTA V and GTA Online. On this opportunity, we updated our picks for the best planes you can buy and fly in your online city.

15 B-11 Strikeforce

B-11 Strikeforce in Grand Theft Auto V

The B-11 Strikeforce appeared in GTA Online as a part of the 1.44 After Hours update. The plane ended up wowing gamers due to its competent speed and powerful weapons.

Of course, one of the best planes in GTA 5 was bound to cost a pretty penny. So, it’s really no surprise that the B-11 Strikeforce costs a whopping $3,800,000.

14 Western Company Rogue

Western Company Rogue in Grand Theft Auto V

One of the fastest and best planes in GTA 5, the Western Company Rogue is a plane that most players would kill to have… quite literally! Its ridiculous top speed of 219.50 mph is easily the plane’s biggest draw.

While the Western Company Rogue is nowhere near as pricey as the previous plane mentioned on this list, it can still burn a sizeable hole in your wallet. However, there’s a way to get the plane at a discounted rate — you need to complete the 6 Air Freight Cargo Missions in order to reduce the price of this plane from $1,596,000 to $1,200,000.

13 JoBuilt P-996 LAZER

JoBuilt P-996 LAZER in Grand Theft Auto V

The costliest plane in the is obviously going to serve as one of the best aircraft. The JoBuilt P-996 LAZER certainly fits the bill in this regard, with the act of flying this aircraft being quite rewarding indeed.

Of course, coughing up the $6,500,000 required to get this plane can be quite a hassle. However, if you manage to procure this cash, you will find yourself flying one of GTA 5’s best planes.

12 Western Company Mallard

Western Company Mallard in Grand Theft Auto V

After seeing all the planes that cost millions upon millions of dollars, it’s genuinely refreshing to see the Western Company Mallard on this list. The fact that the GTA fanbase rates this plane so highly is a testament to the economic nature of this plane.

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You need a measly $250,000 to get this plane, and this will definitely be money well spent. In fact, Western Company does make some of the most underrated planes in the game, such as the next entry.

11 Western Company Seabreeze

Western Company Seabreeze in Grand Theft Auto V

The Western Company Seabreeze is easily one of the weirdest planes on this list. However, the look of this plane becomes secondary once you realize that the Seabreeze’s control, speed, and price more than mitigate this slight compromise.

In fact, there’s a way to get the price of the Seabreeze below a million as well… although it might be somewhat grindy. To unlock this discount, you need to complete a whopping total of 36 Air Freight Cargo Missions.

10 Buckingham Pyro

GTA Online Pyro Jet

The Pyro is one of the fastest planes, but there’s something extra special about this one. If you’ve played GTA Online, it’s likely you’ve been going about your business when an oppressor has throttled up its jet engine and flown over to you like a falcon identifying its prey. But the Pyro offers a perfect solution against the threat of an oppressor.

Using the rudders will ensure incoming missiles explode before contact; simply activate the rudders and watch on as a barrage of missiles misses the target, turning the oppressor griefer into an anecdote.

9 Nagasaki Ultralight

GTA Ultralight Glider Flying

There’s nothing quite like the Ultralight. Of course, the glider isn’t going to be of much use in a fight, but GTA is a sandbox with many ways in which you can interpret the game.

Sometimes a chilled session is needed away from the money grind, and coasting around the map in a glider while taking in the sights of Los Santos is one of the best ways to play. If you ascend high enough, the glider is capable of getting from one end to another (north to south) without the engine active.

8 Buckingham Miljet

Miljet GTA flying

Seating 14 passengers in the cabin, the Miljet is the best way to turn your GTA online experience into a game of Flight Simulator as you take to the skies at an altitude of 8,000 feet. The cockpit of the Miljet gives a realistic feel with eye-catching views of the city at night, making the plane a rewarding aircraft to use for GTA fans.

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You may not like to mention it, but you’ll likely have cruised around downtown Los Santos and stopped at the red lights like a commendable, law-abiding citizen. If you’re that type of player, by flying the Miljet you can enjoy perfecting landings in the first-person camera while topping up plenty of flight hours. You will do this as captain on the Los Santos International Airport (LSIA) to Sandy Shores Airfield (SSA) route.

7 Mammoth Hydra

Hydra Jet GTA Online

The Hydra’s hovering ability and powerful gun on the front make it a favorite amongst those looking to fight above the clouds of Los Santos. But, beware: you should find a new lobby if a griefer has glitched one of these military jets into god-mode – the only way they can be killed is by shooting the pilot through the window. Glitching into god-mode isn’t advised with Rockstar actively resetting the accounts of cheaters in GTA Online.

With spawn points around the map, the Hydra can be used to get through heist set-ups quickly — and time is money. Otherwise, have fun carrying your friend’s car up into the skies and watch them inevitably fall off.

6 V-65 Molotok

V-65 Molotok in GTA Online

The plane of choice for GTA Online’s own version of the Red Arrows. The Molotok’s all-around balance of speed, braking, and maneuverability make it one of the best for a display of air-showmanship.

The Molotok comes in at around $3.6 million if you have unlocked the trade price, but acquiring a Red Sparrow standard version will mean purchasing the extra upgrades at the aircraft hangar, which can quickly knock up the price.

5 Volatol

Volatol GTA Online

While this beast will take up most of the space of an aircraft hangar, sometimes you might want to have the biggest and best of everything. The Volatol is based on the Avro Vulcan bomber plane, which means it can quietly navigate through the clouds with two turret operators on board.

While it’s not the best plane to recommend in a PvP situation, the Volatol is one of the most fun planes to fly around in. Be sure to try it out in one of the GTA air races before locking in the $3,724,000 non-trade price.

4 Mammoth Avenger

GTA Avenger Flying

The hybrid plane and helicopter. As one of the most durable and customizable purchases in the game, the Avenger can be equipped with both a weapon and vehicle workshop, which can save so much time traveling back and forth from your facility.

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You should wait for a special offer from Rockstar Games with a fully upgraded version of the Avenger costing around $6m.

3 Mammoth Dodo

GTA Dodo GTA Online

It’s not always about the glamour. Okay, for some players it is, but the Dodo is a legend of Rockstar’s GTA series. The two-seater aircraft can be seen as far back as GTA 3 in Liberty City, which was launched in 2001. This means that at just 500k, you can buy a piece of GTA history.

You shouldn’t expect to be winning an air race anytime soon, but the Dodo is a fun plane to cruise around in. Like with the Seabreeze, you can land in water without any problems.

2 LF-22 Starling

GTA Online LF-22 Starling Jet

One for the fighter pilots. The LF-22 Starling handles exquisitely in the air and is backed up by double machine guns and a default rocket boost lasting for 20 seconds, which can be the difference in a fight for position in the skies.

The default version can be acquired for a trade price of $2.75m, but it’s worth getting the upgrades that will extend the boost by an extra five seconds and equip vital homing missiles to be used in combat.

1 Western Company Besra

Besra GTA Online Flying

At an affordable price of $1,150,000, you can purchase the fastest-accelerating plane in the game. The Besra is based on a military training plane, making it easy to maneuver and a go-to for when GTA randomly sends a flying under bridges challenge into the online lobby.

Once you feel you’ve mastered the aerobic capability of the Besra, flick it into the first-person camera and test yourself flying low around the city.

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