20th May 2024

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New Optimove Survey and Report on Financial Services

NEW YORK, Aug. 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A new comprehensive report from Optimove on client perceptions of the financial services industry has been released, shedding light on critical issues surrounding trust and marketing fatigue. Titled ” The Optimove Financial Services Provider Survey & Report: Harnessing Data for Client-Centric Growth and Lasting Loyalty,” the report delves into two crucial sections: “Trust” and “Awareness,” uncovering significant gaps that financial advisors and providers must address to enhance client relationships. 

The “Trust” section highlights the paramount importance of trust in the financial services sector. While a considerable percentage of clients express “high” or “very high” trust in their financial institutions, the report reveals notable gaps that affect client satisfaction and loyalty. One crucial concern is the missed opportunity by financial service advisors, who often lack insight into their clients’ personal life situations, such as weddings, graduations, and the birth of a child. The report emphasizes that understanding these life events is pivotal to offering personalized and timely financial advice, and advisors must prioritize this aspect to build trust and seize opportunities. 

For example, while 63% of respondents state that their financial services provider knows them well, 41% report that the service provider lacks awareness of significant life events. These life events present valuable connections and sales opportunities for financial service providers. (See Chart 1)

Marketing fatigue caused by irrelevant messages 

Another significant finding is the impact of marketing fatigue caused by financial services providers. Clients are increasingly inundated with generic and irrelevant marketing messages, leading to disengagement and frustration. Case-in-point is that more than three-quarters (76%) say they get too many messages. Forty percent of respondents that get too many messages noted they would like the messages to be more personalized. The report underscores the need for client-centric strategies to tailor communications, understand individual needs, and ensure marketing efforts resonate with clients on a deeper level. 

“It is clear that financial services providers’ clients often experience trust gaps and marketing fatigue due to an overload of irrelevant messages,” stated Pini Yakuel, CEO of Optimove. “To tackle these challenges, financial institutions can adopt a proactive and agile approach through predictive and prescriptive analytics. Our experience shows that the most powerful starting point is client data. By leveraging zero- and first-party client data, providers can deliver relevant AI-driven solutions and orchestrate cross-channel campaigns while combining real-time triggers and predictive next-best actions. Starting with the client data also is the backbone to create omnichannel experiences that connect digital with in-person meetings to create personalized client experiences. These analytics enable financial service advisors to accurately anticipate client needs, being there at critical moments in a client’s life to build trust and loyalty.” 

The report advocates for financial services providers to prioritize personalized engagement, stay informed about their clients’ personal life situations, and implement data-driven strategies. Leveraging customer data effectively and adopting client-centric approaches are key to strengthening trust, driving customer loyalty, and fostering long-term business growth. “The bottom line is that financial services providers can harness data for client-centric growth and lasting loyalty,” Yakuel concluded. 

The report also underscores that zero- and first-party data derived from Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are a powerful tool for accessing valuable customer information, enabling financial institutions to deliver personalized solutions that address specific needs and foster stronger client relationships. (See Chart 2)

About Survey and Report 
The Optimove Financial Services Provider Survey & Report: Harnessing Data for Client-Centric Growth and Lasting Loyalty, was based on queries of 260 US citizens in July 2023. Respondents were ages 18-60, 60% male/40% female (no respondents were non-binary or declined to answer); and household incomes were $100,000-plus.   

About Optimove 

Optimove is the first Customer-Led Marketing Platform. Its solutions ensure that marketing always starts with the customer instead of a campaign or product. Customer-led marketing has been proven to deliver brands an average increase of 33% in customer lifetime value.  

It is the only customer-led marketing platform powered by the combination of 1) rich historical, real-time, and predictive customer data, 2) AI-led multichannel journey orchestration, and 3) statistically credible multitouch attribution of every marketing action.   

Optimove provides industry-specific and use-case solutions for hundreds of leading consumer brands including BetMGM, SodaStream, Pennsylvania Lottery, Papa John’s, bet365 and Staples. For more information go to Optimove.com  


  • Chart 2: How clients feel regarding the marketing messages they receive from financial institutions
  • Chart 1: 63% say financial institutions know them well