25th February 2024

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‘Love Your Neighbor’ a guiding creed for business | Business

On President’s Day, Jeremy and Danielle Gottberg, owners of the newly-opened Christian Brothers Automotive in Ahwatukee, got a visit from the president.

Not that president, but for them and their team, just as awesome.

Christian Brothers Automotive is a national franchise headquartered in Houston that began with an answered prayer four decades ago.

Now boasting more than 270 CBA’s nationwide, founder Mark Carr and his son and President/CEO Donnie Carr, stopped in to visit with the couple at their new facility on the Monday holiday.

“Our goal is to provide guests with more than just reliable transportation,” said Donnie. “We have faith that this new location in Ahwatukee will foster an environment where guests feel comfortable and empowered to make informed decisions about their vehicles.”

The Ahwatukee Christian Brothers Automotive opened in Ahwatukee in January.

After the Carrs left with a flurry of handshakes and smiles, Jeremy and Danielle Gottberg took a minute to sit together in their CBA comfortable lobby, complete with wide plank wood floors, stuffed couch and chairs, complimentary beverages and free Wi-Fi.

“We want every guest to feel welcome and comfortable when they come to our shop,” the former Air Force aircraft maintenance officer said. “This is not about a transaction; this is a relationship.”

Jeremy’s eyes crinkle in humor when he says he’s aware his guests, aka customers, aren’t often in the best of humor when they need to bring a car in for engine service or an emergency automotive issue.

“At Christian Brothers Automotive, we want to help them make the best of what may possibly be a bad day for them anyway,” he smiled. “I’m really committed to our guests.”

A credo for Christian Brothers Automotive Corporation and each of their franchisees is atypical for automotive fix-it shops.

It is “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

“I’m a Christian, and that being said, I was attracted to the brand because they believe in loving your neighbor as yourself. I absolutely love the heart of the company,” he said. “We want to be a light in our community.”

Jeremy retired from the Air Force after 24 years in 2021 and started the process of becoming a Christian Brothers Automotive franchise owner in 2020, getting the franchise in early 2021.

“That’s about the same time we decided to move to the Phoenix area for the weather, outdoor opportunities and career opportunities,” said Jeremy, who with his wife has a blended family of five teens.

Jeremy started as his mechanic father’s helper while growing up in Florida.

“I was 4 or 5 years old and I started by helping my dad, handing him the tools he needed. We’d fix cars in our backyard, or the garage, even in the parking lot of the church,” he said. “Over the years, he taught me a lot.”

His father, he explained, “is a lifelong mechanic” who currently works on cranes that load and unload Navy ships at Mayport Naval Station in Jacksonville, Florida.

In 1997, his natural mechanical aptitude led him to enlist in the United States Air Force where he served as an aircraft engine technician for eight years, then was commissioned to be an aircraft maintenance officer.

He managed hundreds of aircraft technicians and maintenance operations for 16 years.

He said that although he and his four ASE certified technicians professionally perform the repairs and services their guests need, it is all done with a purposeful difference to counteract what he said were the oft-perceived negative images of the auto service industry.

He cites Christian Brothers Automotive Corporation’s ‘Nice Difference Warranty’ as one solid improvement.

“We want our guests to trust that we’ll fix their vehicles right the first time around. We want them to be confident in our repairs for a long time, and even though parts occasionally fail, we stand behind our work with our nationwide Nice Difference 3 Year/36,000 mile (warranty on both parts and labor,” he said.

“At Christian Brothers Automotive, we strive to love our neighbors as ourselves, and this means we treat our guests like family, and even though car repairs typically mean you’re not having a good day, we’re committed to serving you the best we can and hoping you experience the Christian Brothers Nice Difference,” he concluded.

Another boon, and one appreciated by many since Christian Brothers Automotive opened in Ahwatukee, is their free shuttle service.

“I work from home for a national corporation and I can’t take a lot of time away during the day,” said customer Debra Roser of Ahwatukee. “So, it’s really convenient to not have to worry about how to get there and back. And they’re super nice.”

The new 15,000 square-foot Christian Brothers Automotive building at 4075 E. Cottonwood Lane is a new construction that took more than a year to build and furnish with state-of-the art auto repair equipment in nine bays.

The shop’s service manager is long-time Ahwatukee resident Brett Hewson, who has more than 30 years experience in the automotive industry as a technician, service advisor and service manager.

“I was really excited to learn Christian Brothers Automotive was coming to Ahwatukee,” said Hewson, who has lived in the village for more than 26 years. “I look forward to serving my current and future neighbors with this company, with its ‘love your neighbor’ policy, for many years to come.”

They repair all makes and models and work with most major extended warranty providers.

The company history, which began with an answered prayer for founder Mark Carr in 1981, can also be found on their website.

Christian Brothers Automotive

4075 E. Cottonwood Lane, just off 40th St.

7 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Friday.

CBAC.com, Facebook and 480-885-5350.