24th June 2024

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Frustration continues as N.B. credit union works to fix online banking disruptions

Problems continued Wednesday for some customers of a New Brunswick credit union that faced major hiccups after making changes to its online banking platform.

A steady stream of people walked into and out of the UNI Financial Cooperation in Fredericton at around noon, with some there in the hopes of solving issues ranging form not being able to access their accounts online, to their bank card not working at point of sale machines.

They’re issues being felt by UNI clients across the province for the third day in a row.

“The frustration of nothing working,” is what brought Jessica Courty to the branch on Regent Street.

“It’s been four days that I have zero access to my banking account, can’t do any transfers or receive them, or know how much I have in my bank account right now.”

A woman stands in front of a commercial sign.
Jessica Courty said she had no access to her online account for four days. (Pat Richard/CBC)

Courty said she considered herself lucky she’s off work in the summer and had the time to go to the bank in person while it was open.

“I can only imagine people that have kids or jobs and you cannot really come during the hours that they are open. It would have been like another level of frustration.”

UNI, also known as Caisse populaire, is a credit union headquartered in Caraquet serving about 180,000 customers.

WATCH | Customers left in the lurch as credit union remains offline

‘The frustration of nothing working’: Customers have no access to accounts with credit union

UNI Financial Corporation continues to be plagued by problems with its online banking platform.

After years of relying on Desjardins Group for its online banking platform, the company decided to launch its own, CEO Robert Moreau, said in an interview.

About 155,000 customers were supposed to transition to the new platform on July 6, but bumps in the process led to problems for customers across the province, with cards not working and people not being able to access their online accounts.

A man wearing a suit speaks inside an office.
UNI Financial Cooperation CEO Robert Moreau says the company is dealing with issues as they’re brought to their attention, and has extended business hours at its branches to better help customers. (Zoom/CBC)

“It could be very technical on the card itself,” Moreau said. “It can be that [with] the personal identification number, they don’t have it, they lost it or it’s not working properly,” Moreau said.

Moreau said not all customers are experiencing those issues, adding that “most transactions” are happening properly across its system.

Moreau didn’t offer a timeline for addressing issues for affected customers, noting that UNI is learning about some problems only as clients come forward with them.

“Some of it, you deal [with it] as it comes,” he said. “Then you get into efficiency, so if we see … too many of a certain complaint then we we get to address that.”

He said for those experiencing problems, the company responded by opening its branches last weekend, and extending the opening hours for its branches throughout this week as well.

“Come and see us and and we will help you out. There’s no, there’s no question about it,” Moreau said.

“We’ll make sure that your deposits are done. We’ll make sure that your withdrawals are done. We’ll make sure that your payments are done.”

Renee Bourgoin decided to do just that on Wednesday.

A woman with long hair stands in front of a brick wall.
Renee Bourgoin showed up at the UNI branch in Fredericton after UNI failed to send her the access code she needed to get into her online account. (Pat Richard/CBC)

She said she was supposed to receive information in the mail to give her access to her online account under the new platform.

That mail came, but without the access codes she needed.

“I didn’t have access to my finances and my banking information,” Bourgoin said.

“I came in last week, they were able to help me out in the interim, which was really helpful, but it’s still a little alarming to not be able to access the information in your accounts.”

Bourgoin said she got what she needed from her visit to the branch on Wednesday, and the issue should be sorted out.

“The staff have been incredible, incredibly helpful.”