13th June 2024

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FLYING CARS – Not Only Are They Real, But They Are Our REALITY From Here Forward.

by Tina Olivero

The future is here! The long-awaited flying car has finally arrived and it’s certified to fly. The Klein Vision AirCar has received the Certificate of Airworthiness from the Slovak Transport Authority after completing 70 hours of rigorous flight testing. This dual-mode car-aircraft vehicle has been designed to change the way we travel forever.

The AirCar is the brainchild of Professor Stefan Klein, the leader of the development team and the test pilot. According to Klein, “AirCar certification opens the door for mass production of very efficient flying cars. It is official and the final confirmation of our ability to change mid-distance travel forever.” With this certification, AirCar is ready to take on the skies and the roads, offering a new dimension to transportation.

The AirCar has been tested under the most challenging conditions and has shown astonishing stability in aircraft mode. The takeoff and landing procedures were achieved without the pilot touching the flight controls. This demonstrates the level of automation and ease of use that AirCar offers.

10 unique features and applications of the Klein Vision AirCar:

  1. Dual-mode vehicle: The AirCar is a dual-mode car-aircraft vehicle, which means it can be driven on roads like a regular car and flown in the air like a small aircraft.
  2. Airworthiness certification: AirCar has been issued an official Certificate of Airworthiness by the Slovak Transport Authority, after completing 70 hours of rigorous flight testing.
  3. Automated transformation: The AirCar features an automated transformation system that deploys and retracts the wings and tail for the transition between road vehicle and air vehicle modes.
  4. Impressive stability: The AirCar has demonstrated astonishing static and dynamic stability in aircraft mode during flight testing, making it a reliable and safe flying car.
  5. Mass production potential: The AirCar certification opens the door for the mass production of efficient flying cars, which could revolutionize mid-distance travel.
  6. Top speed and range: The upcoming production model of the AirCar is expected to have a top speed of over 300 km/h and a range of 1,000 km, making it a high-performance vehicle both on land and in the air.
  7. High-powered engine: The AirCar is powered by a 1.6L BMW engine, which provides plenty of power for takeoff and cruising in the air.
  8. Ecologically compliant engines: AirCar’s new powerful, lightweight, and efficient ADEPT Airmotive aviation engine is ecologically compliant, meaning it is designed to minimize environmental impact.
  9. Innovative spirit: AirCar’s automated transformation system, advanced engineering, and innovative spirit make it a pinnacle achievement in the new category of flying cars.
  10. Engineering marvel: The AirCar is an engineering marvel that combines top innovations with safety measures in line with EASA standards, making it a reliable and unique sports car and aircraft.

The development of the AirCar was a mammoth task, taking a team of eight highly skilled specialists and over 100,000 man-hours to convert design drawings into mathematical models with CFD analysis calculations, wind tunnel testing, and a 1:1 design prototype powered by an electric 15KW engine to a 1000kg 2-seat dual-mode prototype powered by a 1.6L BMW engine that achieved the crucial certification milestone.

Klein Vision has already completed tests of a new powerful, lightweight, and efficient ADEPT Airmotive aviation engine and finalized drawings and technical calculations for the upcoming monocoque model with a variable pitch propeller expected to reach speeds over 300km/h and a range of 1,000km. This means that AirCar is expected to get even better, faster, and more efficient in the future.

AirCar defines a new category of sports cars and reliable aircraft. Its certification was both challenging and fascinating, as Rene Molnar, the director of the Civil Aviation Division (Transport Authority of Slovakia), explains, “AirCar combines top innovations with safety measures in line with EASA standards.”

The AirCar’s ability to seamlessly transition from a road vehicle into an air vehicle and vice versa is an engineering marvel, says Dr. Branko Sarh, Boeing Co. Senior Technical Fellow. “It is not only the result of pioneering enthusiasm, innovative spirit, and courage; it is an outcome of excellent engineering and professional knowledge.”

The AirCar is an exciting and innovative project, and its ecologically compliant engines have been selected from ADEPT Airmotive.

The Klein Vision AirCar is a game-changer that offers the ultimate freedom of movement. It is an innovative, reliable, and safe mode of transportation that combines the best of both worlds – the road and the sky. With its certification, AirCar is ready to take on the world, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this exciting project.

Source and Credit: klein-vision.com

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