24th June 2024

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DSJ Launches DSJ Wealth Management LLC, Providing Integrated Financial Planning Services

WESTBURY, N.Y., January 16, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DSJ, a leading full-service accounting and financial advisory firm, announces the establishment of DSJ Wealth Management LLC, a fully licensed New York State wealth management company. This strategic initiative positions DSJ as the “Trusted Advisor for Tomorrow,” offering clients a seamless blend of tax and financial planning expertise all under one roof.

DSJ is partnering with a Buffalo-based SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) to launch the new endeavor. This collaboration will provide clients with customizable portfolio designs, leveraging the managers’ experience while DSJ focuses on tax and financial planning, creating a comprehensive financial view for clients.

Key Advantages of the Integrated Approach:

  • Comprehensive Financial Picture: DSJ recognizes the importance of a holistic understanding of clients’ financial situations. By fostering collaboration between CPAs and financial advisors, DSJ strives to bring a comprehensive foundation for accurate and effective strategies to achieve clients’ financial goals.

  • Tax Optimization: DSJ’s integrated model enables CPAs to share crucial tax insights with financial advisors. This synergy allows for tailored investment and financial planning strategies, seeking to minimize tax liabilities and maximize after-tax returns for clients.

  • Enhanced Wealth Management: DSJ Wealth Management financial advisors, working in collaboration with DSJ CPAs, will develop comprehensive wealth management plans for clients that take into account tax obligations, financial goals, risk tolerance, and other relevant factors. DSJ’s integrated approach aims to optimize clients’ overall financial well-being and improve long-term financial outcomes.

“DSJ’s strategy is centered on providing our clients with a comprehensive, well-coordinated and customized approach to managing their finances,” said Stephen Jahelka, COO at DSJ. “By bringing tax and financial expertise together under one roof, we aim to enhance our clients’ wealth management experience and deliver solutions tailored to their specific needs and goals.”

DSJ’s approach ensures that clients receive up-to-date insights into their financial situations. This enables informed decision-making, covering tax planning, investment strategies, retirement, estate planning, and more.

“DSJ Wealth Management LLC is more than a financial service; it’s a strategic partnership that brings together the best of tax and financial planning,” added Bob Jahelka, Managing Partner at DSJ. “Our clients can expect an integrated, efficient, and personalized approach that optimizes their overall financial well-being.”

About DSJ:

DSJ is a full-service accounting and financial advisory firm with offices in New York City and Westbury. With a commitment to being the “Trusted Advisor for Tomorrow,” DSJ provides a comprehensive range of services, including tax planning, accounting, financial advisory, and now, wealth management.

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Press Contact:
Leah Davies
Director, Communications and Marketing
DSJ Advisory Group